About seminar

About Nakatsuma Seminar




Nakatsuma seminar aims to produce “global leaders” who can play an active role in the business world.

We are studying “data science” to understand reality and “finance” to understand the mechanism of the world.

Students are doing original research that suits their interests, such as data science, fintech, machine learning, Bayesian statistics, artificial intelligence, asset management, and corporate finance.

Our Seminer’s schedule

Main Seminars

・Monday 4th・5th periods
・Discussions will be held in the form of feedback from the teacher and each seminar member to your presentation.

Sub Seminars

It is a place for undergraduate students to read common books and teach each other.

また、Bloomberg ESG投資コンテストやCFA協会リサーチ・チャレンジへの参加も行っています。